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Seismic retrofitting goes hand in hand with foundation work, and it is perhaps the single most important upgrade a Bay Area homeowner can make.

At J David Ford Construction, we're as knowledgeable about and experienced with seismic retrofitting as we are with foundation work and structural repair.  Rest assured that our knowledgeable, friendly, and competent team can help you to address all your concerns.  We offer a wide range of related services.

Seismic Retrofitting

Including: Seismic Retrofitting, Foundation Bolting, Shear Wall Installation, Engineered Retrofits, Plan Set A Retrofits, Custom Fabricated Seismic Hardware

J David Ford Construction offers complete seismic retrofitting services throughout the East Bay! Protect your home and your family. If you are a home or property owner in the bay area, you need to know about the benefits of seismic retrofit.

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Foundation Repair & Replacement

Including: Foundation Leveling, Foundation Cracks, Foundation Underpinning, Full Foundation Replacement

Your home is only as strong as the foundation upon which it rests.  Are you sure that your foundation is healthy, and ready for the next inevitable Bay Area quake?  J David Ford can help to make sure your investment is on solid ground.

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Structural Repair

Preventive repairs should be a priority and if ignored, will only turn into a bigger and more expensive problem. Small cracks become large ones! We can help to repair any existing structural problems.

Don't wait until small structural damage or defects become a danger!  J David Ford can inspect and repair your home or building's structural problems.

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Other Services

Soft Story Retrofitting/Moment Frames

Engineer Designed Moment Frames and Steel Frames

Drainage Work

French Drain Systems

Sump Pumps

Retaining Walls

Dry Rot Repairs