Foundation Repair and Replacement

A seismic retrofit is only as strong as the foundation upon which it is installed.  Therefore it is important to evaluate the condition of your foundation before installing an earthquake retrofit.  The first step in any seismic retrofit analysis should be to determine whether the existing foundation is sound enough to be retrofitted.   J. David Ford Construction has the knowledge and experience to repair and/or replace concrete foundations in conjunction with the installation of a seismic retrofit.

Foundation problems can present themselves in a variety of ways.  Sometimes cracks can be seen in the concrete slab or foundation wall.  Other times, drywall cracks, doors and windows that become difficult to operate, floors that slope can be signs of a foundation problem.

J. David Ford offers a wide range of foundation repair and/or replacement services including:

  •  Standard 1 or 2  Story Foundations
  •  T-Foundations
  •  Drilled concrete piers
  •   Hand Dug piers
  •   Pier and Grade Beam Installation
  •   Engineered foundation retaining walls,
  •   Foundation Underpinning

Structural Repair

As homes age and are exposed to the elements, the likelihood of structural damage increases.  Damage to a home's framing can spread and affect the structural integrity of the house.  In addition to repairing existing damage, J. David Ford Construction knows the importance of addressing and preventing moisture intrusion and other conditions that lead to significant damage.